Federico Tischler is the chef-owner of White Envelope Arepa Bar, a modern arepa bar, twisting traditional flavors of the Venezuelan favorite, the arepa. He recently spoke about his experience opening and growing this company as well as trends he has witnessed and future goals for companies like his.

Tischler has been cooking professionally for more than twenty years, starting in Venezuela and then continuing in Europe and some other restaurants in Latin America. His White Envelope Arepa Bar, located in Baltimore, Maryland, creates the arepa that blends traditional recipes with modern adaptation, and combines local products with global flavors, for an international dish that is steeped in Venezuelan history.

One important trend for arepa aficionados is the experimental aspect of this famous Venezuelan-originated dish. Arepa preparation includes nearly endless options and as such allows for the satisfaction of a variety of customer tastes. Tischler explains, “We have been changing how people not only see arepas, but how to experiment with new flavors and textures incorporating this new food to Baltimore’s options.”

Arepas are clearly a versatile food item, allowing for plenty of creativity and new flavor blends, and this quality explains in part the staying power of the arepa. In describing the current developments in his culinary offerings, Tischler explains that White Envelope is very proud of their creation of arepas “as a vehicle of Venezuelan Culture, using traditional flavors mixed with fun and new items that results in unique combinations.”

In regard to the future of his company, Tischler explains that his focus is on spreading knowledge and interest in the arepa, a dish that reflects the heart of the diverse Venezuelan culture.

White Envelope hopes to continue its success through 2018 and beyond, in sharing a deliciously creative Latin American delicacy.

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