A new venture between Cargill and its Danish potato starch partner AKV Langholt has lead to the investment of $22.5 million in a new potato starch production unit at their Langholt facility in Denmark, and plans to start production this year.
Simon Waters, Cargill’s  global food starch leader had this to say about the announcement. “This investment demonstrates Cargill’s commitment to providing our food manufacturing customers the functional native starches they need to meet the demand of today’s label-conscious consumers. Consumer demand for products made with familiar, trusted ingredients is increasing rapidly. However, these ingredients must also stand up to the diverse processing conditions of modern processing. We understand these competing needs and are using state-of-the-art processing techniques make label-friendly starch solutions a reality.”
This investment will broaden Cargill’s starch portfolio, which includes native starches like wheat and corn, and is designed to enhance foods like batters, coatings, pet food, dry mix soups and sauces, processed meat, bakery mixes, salad dressings, and creamy spreads and fillings.
“It’s a clean ingredient, people see it as a clean ingredient and it will make the end product label simple,” says Laura Goodbrand, EMEA starch product manager for Cargill. “The good thing about potatoes is that they have no taste or odor so can be used very well in many applications.”