How Spec’s Elevated Its Mobile Ordering Experience

How much do conducting an orchestra and running a chain of wine and spirits retailers have in common?

As it turns out, quite a lot – just ask John Rydman, CEO or Spec’s Liquor.

“People who are involved in music learn a different level of concentration,” he said. “They can think through things differently. … [My background in music], as a conductor, you’re running a bunch of different things at one time.

“There’s a lot to see at any one moment. I was trained in doing that.”

Spec’s, the largest wine and spirits retailer in Texas, needed to enter the digital age – and that meant creating an on-demand, mobile shopping experience for its customers.

However, the retailer couldn’t do it alone. It turned to Bottlecapps, an industry-leading software as a service (SaaS) company specific to the beer, wine and spirits industry.

That combination of expertise in Spec’s’ industry and in creating purposeful, productivity-driving experiences meant that Bottlecapps was uniquely qualified to help the retailer bring its mobile vision to life.

With the creation of the retailer’s proprietary app, Spec’s can now send push notifications, schedule tastings and events, display attractive deals and featured products, and offer recipes, all from one portal.

The Spec’s mobile experience also offers customers across Texas to access features like delivery, curbside pickup, loyalty rewards and more.

Check out the entire video below for the entire story of The Symphony of Spec’s.

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