Jim Doehring, President of Source Code Beverage, entered the beverage industry as a seller for a distributor in Chicago. He recently spoke about his experience in the development of the innovative product, Backpack Wine.

What sparked Jim’s idea for a portable quality wine in a can? After working in the wine industry for decades, Jim saw the need for a way to bring wine to events without the hassle of glass bottles or corks in traditional packaging. While canned wine wasn’t new in this “grab-and-go gourmet” culture, he knew he wanted to create a portable wine that did not sacrifice taste or quality.

The most obvious problem was the lack of great tasting wine at on-the-go casual events. In developing Backpack Wine, Doehring argues that Source Code Beverage has found the ultimate solution: “We can be completely on the go and provide quality Washington wine” in cans that are “lighter, 100% recyclable, and keep our wine fresh and ready to drink.”

To better serve a generation that values innovation, Backpack Wine conducted focus groups with adult millennials, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Looking to the future, Doehring predicts, “The canned wine segment will continue to grow at a rapid pace. We are still at a point where only a small group of people have even tried canned wine, [but] there is nothing but blue sky ahead. We are now at a point where cans are beyond a fad or a craze, [and] people realize that cans are a perfectly good way to enjoy great wine.”

Thanks to Doehring and Source Code Beverage, 2018 is the year for blue skies and great wine on-the-go. To learn more, visit Backpack Wine online today!