In the Food & Beverage industry, as we move into a future where self-service kiosks are the primary method of interaction between restaurant and customer, the need for the best software is obviously critical. As such, there are a variety of ways that the correct software can help improve the guest experience. On this Food & Beverage Podcast, MarketScale chats with Juan Perez, CEO of Allied Decisions USA, and together they examine the future of self-service kiosks in the grocery store and beyond.

According to Perez, a key consideration in the self-service kiosk is the choice of software, since the self-order technology is quickly spreading and will soon be a primary form of communication at fast casual restaurants. The decision about software is a highly strategic one. Applied Decision USA has choices that Juan describes as Best in Class, that focus on 7 differentials that create the best possible options with optimal functionality and accessibility for each establishment’s target customers.

As thought leaders in this space for over 20 years now, Perez argues that they are in a great position to have a strong impact on the current trends and future innovations. New requirements and regulations are constantly coming into play. They are also in a great spot to understand what restaurants truly want to put in front of their customers and help those make those decisions. The right software will display products and options well and interact easily and within compliance and regulatory guidelines.

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