Healthcare Startups Need More Than Innovation

December 11, 2023
Brian Urban


Healthcare startups need more than innovation; they require dynamic leaders willing to take these endeavors beyond the ordinary into uncharted waters to generate unparalleled success and lead the industry forward.

In the latest episode of The Healthcare Rethink Podcast, host Brian Urban sits down with multifaceted healthcare leader Jonathan Baktari, MD, CEO of eNational Testing & e7 Health & US Drug Test Centers. Baktari brings invaluable insights into the significance of coupling innovation with solid leadership.

Dr. Baktari shares his journey from medical student to healthcare CEO, revealing the evolution of his role from clinician to tech-savvy entrepreneur. This episode delves into the origins of Dr. Baktari’s ventures, and how e7 Health gave rise to sister companies like US Drug Test Centers and eNational Testing. Beyond the narrative of his career, Dr. Baktari underscores the importance of administrative roles, mentoring, and the strategic use of technology in expanding healthcare businesses.

With over 10,000 followers, Dr. Baktari has established a notable social media presence and hosts a podcast, imparting wisdom to up-and-coming CEOs. The conversation touches on the adaptability of healthcare startups during the COVID-19 pandemic, spotlighting US Drug Test Centers’ proactive response in providing nationwide testing. Dr. Baktari’s story is a testament to how dynamic leadership and technological acumen can foster growth and resilience in the competitive landscape of healthcare startups.

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