Beyond Healthcare, How Nurses Have Shaped Modern Society

December 4, 2023
Brian Urban


Nurses Have Shaped Modern Society beyond healthcare to stand as pivotal figures that transcend their traditional roles, influencing the broader spectrum of societal change. Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive podcast hosted by Brian Urban, welcomes Sarah DiGregorio, Journalist, Author, and Speake,r to discuss her second book, “Taking Care: The Story of Nursing and Its Power to Change Our World.” As a journalist and author with a rich background spanning academia to food journalism, DiGregorio pivots to healthcare, drawn by personal experiences and a drive to spotlight the nuanced human side of navigating the medical system.

DiGregorio’s work, deeply influenced by her experiences as a mother to a premature child and a daughter to ailing parents, offers a compelling narrative on the transformative power of nursing. The discussion with Urban traverses the evolution of nursing, the unrecognized depth of nurses’ contributions, and their profound connection with patients amidst healthcare’s complex labyrinths. DiGregorio’s book sheds light on the 27 million nurses who underpin healthcare delivery and significantly impact cost reduction and patient experience, underscoring the pressing need to reevaluate nursing’s place in modern medicine and society

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