Improving Health Equity Takes a Village and Creative Risks

October 20, 2023
Brian Urban

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Improving health equity takes more than a village; it involves creative risks from organizations and disruptors seeking innovative solutions to address these challenges.

In today’s ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the focus on health equity and affordability has never been more pertinent. With rising healthcare costs and the increasing awareness of social determinants of health, there are mountains to climb, and climbers are required to scale them.

In this Healthcare Rethink podcast by FinThrive, host Brian Urban sits down with Kevin Fyock, the US Health Solutions Go-to-Market Leader at Aon. The discussion revolves around the importance of improving health equity, the journey of Fyock from Penn State to Aon, and the innovative tools Aon has developed to address health equity and affordability.

One of the highlights of the conversation is the introduction of Aon’s Health Equity and Affordability Tool, known as the HEAT tool. This tool, launched in early 2023, focuses on four main factors: affordability, social determinants of health, access to primary care physicians, and mental health providers. By analyzing these factors, organizations can gain insights into the vulnerabilities of their populations and strategize on how to address them effectively.

This podcast episode offers a rich body of insights for listeners and viewers keen on understanding healthcare’s future and innovative tools’ role in shaping it.

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