He’s Here, He’s There…Virtual Care Everywhere

December 22, 2023
Brian Urban


As the healthcare industry grapples with the growing complexity of chronic conditions, virtual care models are emerging as a crucial solution to bridge gaps in accessibility and quality. Healthcare Rethink’s Brian Urban brings Randy Forman, Chief Commercial Officer at Oshi Health, onto the podcast to explore how a tech-savvy approach to gastrointestinal care reshapes patient experiences.

Forman, with a trajectory from network engineering to healthcare innovation, is instrumental in developing Oshi Health’s virtual care platform. This initiative is particularly timely, given the rise in gastrointestinal disorders exacerbated by modern lifestyle stresses and dietary challenges. Oshi Health’s model exemplifies how telemedicine can democratize access to specialized care, offering a beacon of hope for those suffering from often stigmatized GI conditions.

In this engaging conversation, listeners and viewers gain insights into Oshi Health’s integrated care strategy, which marries telehealth’s efficiency with the expertise of multidisciplinary teams. Forman’s leadership at Oshi Health enhances GI care by circumventing traditional care bottlenecks. It heralds a new era where virtual consultations could become the norm, ensuring comprehensive, empathetic healthcare is just a click away.

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