Accelerating Health Equity: Preventative Care for Diabetes Patients

August 23, 2023
Robin Goldsmith

Host Robin Goldsmith, along with co-host Courtney Schoon, initiate a summer series by revisiting the importance of health equity. The episode features Adrianna Cantu, a clinical expert and representative of Revealix, an innovative company addressing diabetic complications through technology.

Main Points of Conversation:

Simplifying Foot Health Checks: Adrianna introduces Revealix’s point-of-care mobile application designed to simplify foot health checks—a critical step in identifying risks associated with diabetic foot complications.

Tackling Health Disparities: The discussion delves into the multi-faceted concept of health equity, encompassing awareness, access, agency, and impact. The goal is to provide all individuals, regardless of background, with the tools to manage their health effectively.

Empowering through Technology: The conversation highlights the role of technology in enabling individuals to understand their vulnerabilities, take ownership of their health, and contribute to improved healthcare outcomes.

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