AI in Medicine: Will ChatGPT be the New MD?

May 31, 2024
Brian Urban


With the intersection of healthcare and technology becoming a focal point of innovation in recent years, can AI tools in medicine like ChatGPT become the new MD?

In this episode of Healthcare Rethink, host Brian Urban discusses the transformative potential of AI in healthcare with Dr. Robert Pearl, author of “ChatGPT, MD: How AI-Empowered Patients & Doctors Can Take Back Control of American Medicine.” The conversation delves into Dr. Pearl’s career, the impact of AI on medical diagnostics and chronic disease management, and the broader implications for the healthcare system.

Dr. Pearl shares his journey from aspiring university professor to renowned physician and healthcare leader. He emphasizes the serendipitous nature of his career shifts, from plastic and reconstructive surgery to his executive role at Kaiser Permanente and now as an advocate for AI in medicine. The discussion highlights the potential of AI tools, like ChatGPT, to revolutionize healthcare by reducing misdiagnoses, improving chronic disease management, and alleviating the administrative burden on physicians.

Dr. Pearl points out that 400,000 Americans die annually from misdiagnoses and a quarter of a million from preventable medical errors. AI can address these issues by providing accurate, real-time data to both patients and healthcare providers. He envisions a future where AI empowers patients, enhances preventive care, and reduces healthcare costs while improving outcomes.

The conversation also explores the potential of retail giants like Amazon and CVS to transform healthcare delivery through AI and innovative care models. Dr. Pearl laments Walmart’s retreat from this space but sees significant opportunities for others to lead the way.

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