Can Healthcare Networks and Providers Achieve ROI at Speed?

July 13, 2022
James Kent



The concept of return on investment (ROI) in healthcare is tricky to navigate with a constant stream of soaring medical costs and squeezed hospital margins. As healthcare systems and hospitals increasingly invest in technology, the speed at which they can achieve ROI becomes paramount. The stakes are high: hospital margins declined by 21% in 2019, a trend predicted to continue. So how can healthcare providers navigate this challenging economic environment, especially when implementing new technologies?

In this episode of Iodine Intelligence, host Lauren Hickey brings together two thought leaders in the field to answer the question: “How can healthcare providers achieve ROI at speed in today’s challenging environment?”

Hickey, joined by Fran Jurcak, Chief Clinical Strategist at Iodine Software, and Denise Humphreys, Director of CDI at West Tennessee Healthcare, discussed strategies hospitals can leverage utilizing technology to maximize their ROI, the challenges that come with technology adoption, and strategies for success in the face of shrinking margins.

Their discussion includes the following highlights:

  • Prioritization technology to enhance the Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) workflow
  • Shifting the mindset when adopting new technology
  • Generating Physician engagement to unlock the success of this process and overcome any resistance

Fran Jurcak is the Chief Clinical Strategist at Iodine Software. With her expertise in clinical documentation improvement (CDI), Jurcak has been instrumental in developing innovative strategies and best practices that have revolutionized healthcare delivery. She has been honored with several industry accolades for her contributions to the field.

Denise Humphreys, Director of CDI at West Tennessee Healthcare, brings her extensive experience managing CDI programs to the discussion. Overseeing a team of eleven CDI reviewers, Humphreys has led significant shifts in processes and technology adoption at her institution, achieving impressive outcomes in ROI and overall system efficiency. She holds multiple industry accolades, reflecting her dedication and influence in the field.

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