Carevive at ONS Congress 2022

April 27, 2022

The ONS Congress brings together various skillsets and inspires innovation in new ways. With the first in-person Congress since the pandemic set to begin on April 27th, there is much to look forward to. John Elliott, VP of Sales with Carevive brings together his work colleagues to share their excitement for the Congress and what they think might come from it.

Reesa Sherin, a Clinical Strategist with Carevive, said she is, “Really excited to be in a space…to support patients…I’ve always been in the oncology space…supporting patients throughout the treatment journey…and any education the patient may need.”

Though the ONS Congress will take place on a hybrid platform, accessible via remote access or in-person, Sherin shared that she believes ONS will shed some light on new ways for the industry to build value-based programming with ONS as the tipping point, “When you align the value to the care that the patient receives the outcomes approve.”

Her colleagues agree that ONS is a shared intellectual and innovative platform, “I want to learn from others, what they’re doing regarding collection of prodata, patient reported outcomes. We know that studies show when pros are used to monitor and manage symptoms, patient symptoms are identified early, leading to longer time and relevant on-treatment, fewer hospitalizations, and better quality of life and overall, an improved survival,” said Drace Langford, Prompt Patient Support Specialist. 

April Boyd, Senior Content Developer, shared that she, “always comes away from ONS educated and inspired” and she hopes to continue learning how to continue to improve the health of patients “in a remote way.”

Overall, the oncology ecosystem continues to change and innovate based on new models and systems in the space. Carevive aims to educate, inspire, and make positive change in the industry as a knowledge-base for all. 

Stop by the booth at the ONS Congress to learn more and chat with the Carevive team! 

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