Carevive at ViVE 2023 Recap Video

January 1, 2023

John Elliott, VP of Sales at Carevive, shared his insights on the vibrant atmosphere and focused discussions at the ViVE conference. The event brought together a diverse audience of entrepreneurs, capital investors, founders, and health system innovators. John highlighted the increased emphasis on consumerism and patient-centric care, with a particular focus on patient experience and engagement. The conversations around oncology were especially notable, with twice as many discussions compared to the previous year. Carevive’s presence at the NIH booth provided an opportunity to collaborate with various groups, exploring the problems they aim to solve and the desired outcomes. John expressed gratitude for the engaging conversations and looked forward to witnessing the positive impact that arises from collective problem-solving and the ultimate improvement of outcomes.

Energized Conversations and Collaboration:
The ViVE conference provided an energizing environment for discussions and connections. Carevive actively engaged in back-to-back conversations, seizing the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals and groups passionate about enhancing patient care. John’s remarks during a downtime at the conference highlighted the importance of solving problems together and working towards shared goals.

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