Cost Containment Strategies for Healthcare Plans

The rising costs of prescription medications in the U.S. are top of mind for anyone who relies on daily doses for their health. Between 2000 and 2017, some studies put the prescription drug cost increases in the U.S. as high as 76%. So, what are consumers to do?

Greg Santulli, CEO of RX Valet, offered an alternative for those looking to lower their overall prescription medication costs, and he spoke with host Shelby Skrhak about RX Valet’s solution.

“RX Valet was founded five years ago, really on the principle of bringing better value to consumers and members of RX Valet,” Santulli said. “RX Valet is offered primarily through memberships through various vehicles either as a benefit as part of your health plan or as some other type of health offering.”

The fundamental tenant of RX Valet is to give access to medications at a reasonable price.

Santulli recognized and affirmed that drug prices had reached an untenable situation in the U.S. If someone doesn’t have the correct type of healthcare coverage, many of the medications one sees advertised on television are unobtainable.

“Or they were unobtainable until you go to our site and be part of the RX Valet family,” Santulli said. “What we do is we find ways to get you the medications that you need at reasonable prices.”

RX Valet provides the engine that searches for those savings and gives customers options to gain people access to lower-cost medications. If receiving prescriptions by mail is an option for someone, the savings can add up, but RX Valet provides savings at a participant’s pharmacy, too. Santulli said RX Valet would connect the dots to get people the medications they need, generic or brand-name, at an affordable price, in the method that works best for them.

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