On this episode of I Don’t Care with Kevin Stevenson, Stevenson goes big picture, sourcing insights from his vast network of healthcare professionals to determine the industry’s biggest concerns related to COVID-19 and the world’s slow move toward a new normal in the wake of the pandemic.

Stevenson condensed those thoughts into five central concerns of healthcare workers:

Their Careers

Many hospitals and other healthcare operations have furloughed or laid off staff, particularly due to lost revenue tied to elective procedures and more, and a continuation of the pandemic could lead to more cuts.

The Overall Economy

Healthcare and industry workers are by no means immune to the overall economic downturn caused by the pandemic, which has led to a decrease in insured patients, etc.

Safety in the Workplace

Like many, healthcare workers are generally concerned about contracting COVID-19 in the workplace, though hospitals and other facilities are perhaps the safest place to be due to precautions in place.

A Lack of Personal Protective Equipment

PPE, such as masks, gowns, gloves, face shields and more, are still hard to acquire for many healthcare operations, particularly smaller and more rural ones.

The Potential for a Vaccine Not Being Created

For many, a vaccine is the only true “end” in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some are concerned that a vaccine may not be possible, Stevenson said he believes one will be created by the massive amount of effort being put forth to expedite one’s creation.
To hear all of Stevenson’s thoughts on these current concerns and the overall trends in healthcare at the moment, listen to the entire episode.

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