Cut Through the Chaos of Review Processes in Healthcare: Implement a Reference Guide for Annotations

March 6, 2024
Annalise Ludtke


In an era where organizations are compelled to do more with less, Vodori’s latest episode of the Benchmarks Symposium sheds light on optimizing promotional review processes. Hosted by Annalise Ludtke, the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at Vodori, the video features insights from Elizabeth Calderon, a seasoned Customer Success Manager at Vodori. They delve into the 2023 State of Promotional Review Benchmarks Report, offering valuable best practices for overcoming resource constraints and enhancing efficiency.

The conversation focuses on the challenges organizations face, such as limited budgets and increased pressure to perform. Elizabeth shares practical advice based on her direct experience working with customers, highlighting the creation of a reference guide for annotations as a key strategy for improving review processes. This guide helps align reviewers and initiators, streamlining the review process and reducing misunderstandings. Elizabeth’s tips on using annotation colors for quick identification and establishing clear guidelines for replying to annotations further illustrate how simple, actionable changes can significantly impact efficiency and effectiveness.

Moreover, the episode explores how leveraging historical data on annotations can identify common pitfalls and training opportunities, thereby improving the quality of submissions and reducing review times. This approach not only enhances the promotional review process but also fosters better collaboration between teams, including marketing, regulatory reviewers, and agencies.


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