CV/COS Webinar: Clip 11

January 1, 2023

At Carevive, our primary goal is to ensure that the quality of life data we collect is not only relevant but also actionable for both care teams and patients. Our platform provides temporal summaries of the patient experience and utilizes alert triggers to respond to severe symptoms, enabling care teams to promptly reach out, manage symptoms, and document care.

Numerous studies, including our own data, have shown that integrating patient-reported outcomes (PROs) into the workflow leads to improved patient adherence to therapy and reduced hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

This unique workflow allows us to generate what we call “smart data” – a powerful combination of structured elements from electronic medical records (EMRs) paired with validated PRO data. The integration of these datasets empowers care teams with a comprehensive view of patient health, enabling personalized and effective cancer care.

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