CV/COS Webinar: Clip 6

January 1, 2023

As experts in patient-reported outcomes (PRO) in oncology, we at Carevive recognize the power of data visualization in informing all stakeholders. Our data platform allows us to explore real-world data and glean valuable insights that can benefit patients, healthcare providers, and researchers alike. By visualizing data on dose titration, treatment decision-making, and patient progress, we can better communicate with patients and tailor treatment plans to their needs. This patient-centric approach not only aids in clinical trials but also in post-marketing activities, shedding light on how anticancer therapies perform in the real world. Data visualization is a key tool in empowering patients and optimizing cancer care.

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In an innovative stride towards bridging the gap between education and career readiness, Bloomberg Philanthropies has initiated a pioneering project to integrate healthcare training within high school curricula across several American communities. This $250 million investment aims to cultivate a new generation of healthcare professionals by creating healthcare-focused high schools in collaboration with major healthcare […]

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
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The ongoing drug shortage crisis in the U.S. underscores a critical need for innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing. As manufacturing issues, outdated technologies, and geopolitical risks contribute to shortages that impact patient care and elevate healthcare costs, the introduction of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMTs) offers a beacon of hope. AMT technologies promise to enhance quality […]

telecom project success in healthcare
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In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare technology, telecommunications plays a crucial role. As healthcare providers increasingly rely on digital solutions—from telemedicine to electronic health records—telecom companies are finding new opportunities and challenges in this sector. Successfully implementing telecom projects in healthcare requires a nuanced understanding of the industry’s legacy communications infrastructure, unique demands […]