Ditch the Delays: Set SMART Goals and Conquer Your Promotional Review Process

March 6, 2024
Annalise Ludtke


In the fast-paced marketing world, setting clear, measurable goals for the promotional review process is not just beneficial; it’s essential for efficiency, team morale, and ultimately, success. As businesses navigate the complexities of promotional content approval processes, the beginning of a new year marks a perfect time for reflection and goal setting.

How can marketing teams effectively set, measure, and adjust their promotional review goals to enhance workflow and outcomes?

Amend and Progress,” a podcast by Vodori features Annalise Ludtke, the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at Vodori and Anne Swearingen, the CEO at 6 Tangerines Consulting. Their conversation sheds light on actionable strategies and best practices that can transform the promotional review process. The two discuss:

  • The importance of setting holistic goals for average review times and aiming for improvements.
  • The need to delve deeper into the review process by examining content types and reviewer groups to identify areas for efficiency gains.
  • The role of organizational goals in shaping and guiding the promotional review process.

Anne Swearingen brings a wealth of experience to the discussion. As an independent consultant and the CEO of 6 Tangerines Consulting, she has a solid background in improving organizational processes and setting achievable goals. Her insights are backed by her extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within promotional review teams.

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