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Medical Laboratory testing processes are complex, with test orders continually going through operations. Billing is part of that equation, but it doesn’t need to be part of the complexity. Scott Liff, a Healthcare Executive with Medsphere Systems Corporation, provided insights on the world of laboratory testing and the considerations for utilizing an outsourced partner for billing solutions.

“When it comes to the billing process,” Liff said, “It’s not just about creating a bill for the service you provided and sending it to a payer or a patient. It’s that continuum of gathering that information upfront, making sure it’s the right information for the right test that’s being performed all the way through the lab. Did the lab perform it? Did they perform additional testing? Is there additional information that’s added to that? Along that way, all these variables come into it.”

If laboratories rely on well-trained and qualified experts to run the test, it makes perfect sense that they’d want that same level of expertise for billing purposes. An outside resource with specialized knowledge in billing practices could provide huge benefits to a laboratory in time and cost-savings. But Liff said there are some factors laboratories should consider when choosing a billing solutions partner.

“What information system platform is this outsourced billing organization utilizing to provide this service,” Liff said is the first question a laboratory should ask when researching potential candidates. “Does the outsourced billing company provide similar billing for a lab similar to yours on your platform,” is the second consideration. “The third main area I would take a look at is, does the leadership of that outsourced billing provider have the knowledge and expertise to help you identify and address those many challenges you’re going to face with your overall RCM process.”

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