HIMSS 2024 with Nicole Clawson: The Future of Rural Healthcare

May 3, 2024
Brian Urban


In this episode of Healthcare Rethink, conducted at HIMSS 2024, host Brian Urban engages with Nicole Clawson, the Vice President of Revenue Cycle and Finance at Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance. They delve into pressing issues facing community hospitals and explore innovative solutions in rural healthcare settings.

The conversation covers a wide array of topics, including technology adoption, revenue cycle management, and the impact of social determinants on healthcare delivery in rural areas. Clawson shared her firsthand experiences and insights from overseeing 16 Pennsylvania and New York community hospitals. This episode offers a deep dive into the challenges and advancements in rural healthcare, providing listeners with valuable perspectives to drive change in their communities.

Nicole Clawson is crucial in steering Pennsylvania Mountains Healthcare Alliance toward innovative healthcare solutions. With a strong focus on improving access to quality care in rural communities, Nicole oversees the financial health and revenue cycles of 16 hospitals across Pennsylvania and New York. Her leadership and commitment to technological advancement and operational efficiency aim to enhance patient care and hospital sustainability. Nicole’s strategic initiatives in rural healthcare have significantly impacted, particularly in addressing unique challenges such as service availability, digital adoption, and economic sustainability.

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