How Better Healthcare Access Gives Ortho SC a ‘Leg Up’ on Care Delivery

October 4, 2022
Sonia Gossai

Healthcare access is a significant issue we are facing right now. Healthcare should be simple, and with the use of technology, it should be easy. Helping to make healthcare more efficient and reliable is Ortho SC’s CEO, Andrew Wade. He sat down with host Gabrielle Bejarano on Dash Talk to talk about the current challenges in healthcare and how Ortho SC is helping to pave the way with technology.

At just four years old, Ortho SC is already taking the northeastern counties of South Carolina by storm, with over 80 professionals providing care in over six locations. Wade’s role in the business has helped Ortho SC grow by knowing and preparing for the market needs. However, in the beginning, Wade noticed some challenges healthcare staff faced. He remarked, “So globally speaking, I really think one of the things that’s most difficult for all of us, and not just ‘us’ in the orthopedic world but all of ‘us’ in the medical space, is that we’re so behind in terms of use of technology…I want to see healthcare be delivered in a way that is more closely aligned to the way Amazon delivers boxes to my front porch.”

Current healthcare still uses “paper and pencil” methods and does not use the tools that are so widely available in today’s world. When Wade noticed this, he set out to find a tool that would help alleviate healthcare inefficiencies to make it easier for people to get the care they need. He said, “So, it’s been huge to us to be able to leverage technology in every way possible to be more like Apple, more like Amazon, easy to use, available at people’s fingertips, open-access to be able to get appointments scheduled when you need them, not when they’re available.”

With the help of Wade and technology, Ortho SC can focus on the consumer experience and quality of care instead of getting caught up in the red tape of traditional healthcare bureaucracy. All in all, the goal is to streamline healthcare access for all.

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