Healthcare Analytics Decoded: Learning from the COVID-19 Pandemic with Dr. Richard Pinson


On this episode of Healthcare Analytics Decoded, a Quantros podcast, Quantros’ Lindsey Klein was joined by Dr. Richard Pinson.

Pinson is a respected voice in the fields of healthcare coding and physician consulting, making him uniquely qualified to hold a magnifying glass to the spread of the novel coronavirus and the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Pinson said he was most surprised by the rapidity with which the novel coronavirus spread through the population, adding that the asymptomatic nature of some patients has complicated matters.

Klein and Pinson broke down a variety of takeaways and key lessons from the pandemic and the healthcare system’s response, including why continuous viral infections could become the new normal in densely populated areas.

“Part of the new normal is being on the lookout for these things and expecting them to keep happening,” Pinson said. “Pandemics like this may return as they used to effect the world before we had antibiotics.”

The pair also discussed the need for accurate data reported on a weekly basis to better fight similar outbreaks in the future and a strategy of engaging in healthier lifestyles and relying less on medicine to help fight disease moving forward.
Finally, Pinson said he hopes this period has renewed visibility for the critical nature of vaccines.

“This ought to be an absolutely perfect, objective lesson to everyone about the importance of vaccination,” he said. “Vaccines are such a blessing. Maybe now we’re going to see people get their flu shots. … I hope this will clearly be an object lesson that will motivate vaccination.”

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