Listen: The Role Of Augmented Reality In The Healthcare System


There is a healthy debate about the potential pitfalls of AI, or artificial intelligence. However, there is an additional technology with the same acronym that is being greeted with open arms in the health industry.
It stands for “Augmented Intelligence” and it has the potential to not only revolutionize radiological imaging, but to reduce time spent on nonessential tasks across a wide range of disciplines.
With the immense amount of data that is generated with traditional imaging, the time needed to sift through the information to find the critical facts can be reduced significantly through the use of Augmented Intelligence.
This breakthrough can also be beneficial in detecting cancers and chronic diseases by efficiently bringing relevant data from the medical record, which will enable providers to focus more readily on triage and acute care delivery.
This technology will not only speed the diagnostic process, but it will also facilitate more personalized care.
In a critical situation, saving even a few seconds during the image interpretation process can dramatically increase positive outcome.

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