The term “healthy” can be particularly confusing with our access to seemingly never-ending information available on the Internet. What does it really mean to live a healthy lifestyle, what’s trendy nonsense, and what’s effective?

Dr. Jose Medina Inojosa, preventive cardiology senior research fellow at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, sat down with us to dissect what being healthy means and how to make long-term lifestyle changes toward that goal. We also discuss his recent research on central obesity, or fat around the waist, and its association with cardiovascular risk, as well as what healthcare professionals can do to educate their patients.

“We need to push education and try to explain why there are actual recommendations for the whole population so we understand why it’s important to eat fruits, why it’s important to not eat so much bread and why it’s important to move,” Inojosa said. It’s a matter of educating about what we know and trying to research what we don’t know so we can improve…and little by little try to change people around us.”

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