Material Review Agility is the Game Changer for Rapid Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry

March 6, 2024
Annalise Ludtke


Material review agility is at the forefront of the latest episode of the Benchmarks Symposium, where Annalise Ludtke, the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at Vodori and Anne Swearingen, the CEO at 6 Tangerines Consulting dive into the evolving landscape of promotional review processes within the pharmaceutical industry. They emphasize the importance of agility amidst the digital shift and resource constraints highlighted in Vodori’s 2023 State of Promotional Review Benchmarks report. The discussion points towards the necessity for companies to adapt swiftly and plan strategically to keep pace with the rapid changes and regulatory demands that define today’s market, underscoring the challenges of digital content creation and the need for compliance and efficiency.

The conversation also brings to light practical strategies for enhancing the efficiency of the material review process, such as engaging stakeholders early, employing clear communication, and leveraging technological solutions like PepperFlow to facilitate smoother reviews. Swaringen’s insights into categorizing tasks by complexity and the use of pre-approved content underscore the potential for significantly improving process efficiency. This episode underlines the indispensable nature of material review agility in effectively navigating the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry’s regulatory environment, offering valuable guidance for those aiming to refine their promotional content review processes through agility, strategic foresight, and collaborative effort.

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