There isn’t an industry that’s been hit harder by the tidal wave left in the wake of the spread of COVID-19 than healthcare.

In particular, the healthcare supply chain has been disrupted in unprecedented ways, forcing hospitals to search for alternative solutions for sourcing key personal protective equipment, or PPE, among other vital patient care products.

On this episode of TPC Talks, TPC Senior Vice President of Sourcing and Operations Beau Moon joined host Tyler Kern to highlight how TPC is assisting its Member family during this uncertain period.

“We are in these unreal times,” Moon said. “It’s unprecedented, really. The supply chain is front and center… It’s a situation where there is high demand for supply needs for our healthcare systems, and there’s just a lack of supply.”

Moon said the shortage extends beyond PPE and the other top-of-mind protective equipment, adding that a shortage of pharmaceutical supplies, ventilators and more have created a “perfect storm.”

However, there are avenues forward.

To better assess Members’ specific supply needs, TPC has established virtual forums, created new methods for tracking anticipated caseloads and conducted information gathering surveys. Based on the information discovered, TPC investigated and thoroughly vetted alternative suppliers and worked to match them to individual Member’s needs.

Success stories – and lessons to be applied as the world strives for a new normal – are beginning to appear.

“I think good things can happen in bad situations. … When I think about some of the changes that will take place – the supply chain will need to transform, specifically in healthcare,” Moon said. “There’s so much data out there. There are new technologies out there. I think there are going to be innovations … and a concerted effort to come together and rethink the entire supply chain.”

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