Nurse Navigator Experience

January 1, 2023

In this insightful blog post, nurse navigators discuss the transformative impact of Carevive in their daily practice. Their main focus is educating patients about their treatment plans and identifying barriers to care, particularly psychosocial issues. The Carevive application has proven invaluable in fostering stronger relationships with patients, enabling weekly check-ins for real-time updates on their well-being. The remote symptom monitoring aspect allows timely intervention, addressing patient concerns sooner and enhancing overall care. Nurse navigators praise the platform for streamlining workflows and gaining deeper insights into their patients’ daily lives and concerns. Despite initial reservations about elderly patients embracing technology, they have been pleasantly surprised by their positive response. With Carevive’s support, nurse navigators feel empowered to provide personalized and attentive care, and they eagerly anticipate further advancements in oncology care in the future.

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