Why Dynamic Navigation Is A Perfect Fit In an Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Practice

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Oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Aaron Quitmeyer performs dental implant surgery at his Shenandoah Oral & Facial Surgery Dental Implant Center in Harrisonburg, VA. In Dr. Quitmeyer’s modern, technology-driven practice, he uses X-Guide navigation to perfect the smiles he places on his patient’s faces.

Dr. Quitmeyer spoke to On Point about his practice and why digital navigation technology makes a difference in the implant surgeries he performs.

“I look at digital technologies as an instrument which I can use to provide the best level of care that I can do,” Dr. Quitmeyer said. “I also think that digital technologies allow us to improve the patient experience.” Dr. Quitmeyer believes that, as technology advances, so must his practice.

“I originally invested in the equipment to place single unit implants or maybe a couple implants in a quadrant, and then I found I was using them much more consistently for things like immediate implants and crystal sinus lifts.  The use for full-arch reconstruction and immediate hybrid placement and full arches is very exciting.”

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