Oncology and Technology: Improving the Lives of Cancer Patients Through Better Outcomes

March 26, 2022

Cancer treatment and care can be complex and often focuses on quality of life. The ecosystem of care delivery touches many aspects, and most of these can see improvement with the power of data. Discussing the topic, Oncology and Technology host James Kent spoke with Aaron Galaznik, MD, Chief Scientific Officer of Carevive.

Galaznik was on a path to becoming a physician when he learned about other healthcare avenues. “The year after college, I was interning as a hospital administrator with this career in mind. I was interested in measuring care and what measures are used,” he said.

Those experiences led Galaznik to be very data-centric. He graduated from medical school and earned an MBA in healthcare management. Later, he spent time in life sciences with Pfizer before becoming more excited about using data and analytics and applying them to healthcare problems.

In his data roles, Galaznik began to study oncology. “Oncology lags from research to practice with an emphasis on quality of life,” he explained.

At this time, he was building out a real data practice for a company that did clinical trial data capture to make them more efficient and the data actionable and usable. That brought him to Carevive, where he works on its platform for oncology practices, which tracks the patient experience and improves care delivery. “We make it easy to use. It automates data gathering to apply it to day-to-day clinical care.”

Galaznik also expressed his top priorities at Carevive. “We gather lots of rich data. Number one is building out the registry for research purposes. Expanding analytics offerings to help companies understand how to use the data, and diversifying to other data.”

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