Dr. Brittany Busse says


As humans, we are in the middle of a historic transition into an increasingly digital and technologically advanced world. For the industry of healthcare, this means sweeping changes for the way we treat, diagnose, and care for sick and injured patients. On the podcast today, we welcome Dr. Brittany Busse, Associate Medical Director for WorkCare Inc., to unpack how telemedicine is slowly but surely transforming the way doctors care for patients.

Historically, going to the doctor or hospital has been an exhausting affair. Often patients have had to travel great distances to seek care, only to sit for hours in waiting rooms–making ailing patients even more irritable. With telemedicine, the mental and physical toll that a doctor’s visit can bring is eliminated. Patients can talk intimately with doctors at length in the comfort of their own home. For patients in remote locations, this kind of personalized care can bring on significant change and incredible results, saving the patient from the mental and physical fatigue of going to a doctor’s office.

As a doctor-owned company, WorkCare Inc. takes a holistic approach to care for its patients. Doctors listen to the story of the patient, not the story of their ailment, and guide their patients along a safe pathway of self-care. For patients injured at work, telemedicine can be an interactive way to keep the mental state of the patient positive and looking forward to getting back to their community and workplace. Dr. Busse sums up perhaps the greatest benefit of telemedicine in these wise words: “If our mind starts to suffer, our health starts to suffer. Telehealth adds in a more personal approach that helps prevent more physical and emotional pain.“

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