Revolutionize Data Analysis: Embrace Median Metrics for Clearer Insights

March 6, 2024
Annalise Ludtke


In the latest episode of Benchmarks Symposium, hosted by Vodori, Annalise Ludtke, the Senior Manager of Marketing and Communications at Vodori, and Jesse Horrell, the VP of Customer Success, embark on an in-depth discussion about the pivotal role of median metrics in enhancing the quality of data analysis presented in Vodori’s 2023 Benchmarks Report. Their conversation delves into the strategic inclusion of median values alongside means to provide a clearer, more accurate picture of process benchmarks, effectively mitigating the distortion caused by outliers. This methodological refinement is a testament to Vodori’s dedication to offering organizations a more precise tool for evaluating their performance, pinpointing strengths, and identifying areas ripe for development.

Ludtke and Horrell further illustrate how these statistical measures—especially the newly introduced median metrics—can significantly impact an organization’s ability to comprehend and improve its operational processes. By analyzing key metrics such as job and review durations and highlighting the complementary nature of means and medians, they shed light on the critical insights these numbers can unveil about process efficiencies and challenges. This episode of Benchmarks Symposium not only highlights the criticality of adopting a nuanced approach to data analysis but also positions Vodori’s 2023 Benchmarks Report as an essential resource for businesses intent on leveraging detailed insights for strategic planning, thereby facilitating a pathway towards sustained process improvement and optimization.

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