Boston, MA —  October 17th, 2018 — Sunrise Labs participated in Vector’s inaugural Software Testing Symposium at Aloft Boston Seaport District on September 19th. Vector, a leader in software and technology tools for high tech industries, hosted the event to foster discussion and the sharing of ideas, trends, and techniques related to the world of software testing.

Jim Turner, Sunrise’s Director of Software Development, presented on ‘Building a Software Test Team’ from the ground up. Attendees learned the vision behind organizing a test team and the best way to form teams based on skill sets and software architecture.

“In the medical software development environment, we tend to think of 4 phases: unit testing, integration testing, system software testing, and system testing” says Jim Turner. “Each of these phases requires different expertise and a specific set of skills. The key to building a successful test team is hiring the talent whose skills align with each phase of the project”.

Jim discussed how having a well-structured test team can shorten development cycles, improve quality, and help navigate the FDA approval process by using the test evidence and documentation.

Additional topics included running the test team, providing metrics during the test process, providing analysis and verification on risk control measures, completing testing, and defining “done.”