Sounds Like Success: Mass Communication Trends for the Future of Healthcare

Mass communication delivery is critical in many locations. Dynamic environments require modern, innovative ways to ensure notifications, and that’s especially true in healthcare.

That’s the topic for today’s chat on Sounds Like Success. This discussion is part of a new mini-series on industry-specific applications of technology to enable efficient mass communication.

The conversation included Brad Jungemann, Territory Manager Southeast, Singlewire Software and Thomas Ahern, Design Services & Tech Support Manager, AtlasED.

Healthcare is still struggling to find its footing but is coming to lean on technology in many ways. “It doesn’t stop growing. So, there is new technology in the space, from medical devices to paging to ancillary,” Ahern shared.

Jungemann concurred and noted that healthcare facilities want more efficiency out of their system. “Simplifying paging for operators is key, so they don’t have to repeat them. These air traffic controllers in hospitals have to do more with less and want a central dashboard to type out a message and hit send to deploy to may devices.”

“The features we have between the systems—our hardware and your software—improve daily workflows. They can page from anywhere. You don’t want to impede on their work, and our components help with that,” Ahern said.

Jungemann shared an example of a large healthcare client that needed to streamline notifications. “Now, they can schedule those at a global level and can do it in seconds across many sites.”

Ahern noted that they can match color notifications with healthcare standards. “Hospitals are built around priorities, and color-coding is part of that. We can match the color on the screen of the type of message. Visual and audible notifications are both key, and hospitals are public buildings, requiring lots of different announcements.”

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