Speech Pathologists, once thought of as merely consultants for those with a stutter, are essential medical professionals that treat much more than a stammer. Today, speech pathologists are in high demand as conditions like dementia and brain injury are on the rise.

The world is awakening to the indispensable need for speech pathologists as America’s aging population continues to grow. On this episode of AliTalks, we welcomed Sandy Grafton, speech product manager at AliMed. The medical industry is coming out with innovative products that help speech pathologists treat a variety of ailments.

Grafton’s process in finding these products goes through a rigorous, comprehensive series of steps: field research, competition analysis, reliability testing, and careful vendor negotiation. Grafton pulls from her network of working speech pathologists to find and market products for the AliMed catalog that are relevant and useful in the field.

What’s more, Grafton is keeping a pulse on the latest medical journals, university studies, and media statistics on speech and brain disorders to foreshadow where AliMed can meet the needs of its clients.

Thanks to technological innovation, digital advancements, and the online availability of products like AliMed’s, speech pathologists are empowered to focus solely on treating the patient. The holistic research done by Grafton at AliMed provides the right tools at the tips of speech pathologist’s fingertips, helping those in need and keeping step with the latest medical advancements.

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