To celebrate Good Friday I Don’t Care, host Kevin Stevenson is joined by Reverend Stephen T. Carrell, Pastor of Worship and Music at Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas, TX, who shares how his church and other churches have been impacted and have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stephen speaks to new avenues of worship, working with their mission partners to serve the underserved in Dallas and his hope of revival across the world.

Reverend Stephen T. Carrell discusses how his calling in life for the past several decades has been defined about the density of people he surrounds himself with. Whether it is worship services, serving the community through projects, or traveling with mission groups all require people in close proximity which is an element that he overlooked until the COVID pandemic swept the globe.

In order to protect the church members but also be able to serve the community, Carrell has launched an initiative that delivers needed resources such as diapers to centers that are in need. But the delivery is being done through a curbside pick up process to eliminate person to person contact that could transmit the virus.

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