Tokenizing Data to Improve Individual Health with Datavant

April 19, 2023
Brian Urban

We have now entered a universe of “determinants of health” ranging from medical debt to housing to medication access to transportation…literally all things impact health that happen outside a doctor’s office.

So is healthcare taking this into account? How are we helping those with substance abuse, rare cancers and unmanageable chronic conditions?

On today’s episode of Healthcare Rethink, host Brian Urban, sits down with Claire Manneh, Head of Provider Research at Datavant, to talk about how the intuitive approach of tokenizing data is transforming how the healthcare ecosystem is reaching patients and improving lives!

Tune in to learn more about Claire’s public health background and her path to Datavant on this energizing episode!

The two discuss:

  1. What tokenization means and what it can do in healthcare and beyond
  2. How Claire’s work impacts health equity, health improvement
  3. Claire’s hopes for enabling lasting positive impact across the eco-system relative to data tokenization

Claire Manneh is the Head of Provider Research at Datavant. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Government; Public Health Degree, Political Science, and Government.

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