The Visionary Work That Led Dr. Christopher King to Becoming Georgetown’s Inaugural Dean, School of Health

February 28, 2024
Brian Urban


Currently, the healthcare system is grappling with issues of equity, access, and the integration of social determinants of health. As a result, the conversation around transformative leadership in healthcare education has never been more crucial. Amidst a backdrop of systemic challenges, including structural racism and socioeconomic disparities, the role of education in shaping the future of healthcare is under the spotlight. Dr. Christopher King’s journey from a passionate health educator to a dean at Georgetown University encapsulates a narrative of change, highlighting the intersection of healthcare, education, and social justice. This discussion is timely, as the industry seeks to pivot from traditional models to more inclusive, equitable healthcare delivery systems. The stakes are high, with the potential to redefine health outcomes for marginalized communities and set new standards for healthcare leadership.

What does it take to lead a transformative shift in healthcare education and practice? How can the principles of social justice and equity be embedded in the fabric of healthcare delivery? 

The latest segment of the “Rethink Healthcare” podcast by Finthrive explored the insights and experiences of Dr. Christopher King. Host Brian Urban delved into the work and career of Dr. King, a dean at Georgetown University for a conversation on the challenges and opportunities of integrating social determinants of health into healthcare education and practice. 

Some other key points of their discussion included:

  • The significance of education in addressing health disparities and structural racism.
  • Dr. King’s journey from health educator to dean, and his impact on shaping healthcare education.
  • Strategies for embedding principles of social justice and equity in healthcare delivery systems.

Dr. Christopher King is Dean, School of Health at Georgetown University. His career is a testament to his commitment to social justice and healthcare equity. With a background in community health and experience in various healthcare settings, Dr. King has dedicated his life to addressing the root causes of health disparities. His work emphasizes the importance of understanding and integrating social determinants of health into healthcare education and practice. As the School of Health’s inaugural dean, Dr. King is at the forefront of reimagining healthcare education to prepare the next generation of leaders to tackle the complex challenges of our healthcare system.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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