Heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans. Despite increased awareness, many Americans don’t know this staggering fact. At The American Heart Association (AHA), the goal is to change the public understanding of heart disease and stroke, and fortify Americans with the knowledge to prevent and treat it. At the heart (pun intended) of this episode of “I Don’t Care,” host Kevin Stevenson explores the mission, history, and accomplishments of AHA with guest Michelle Stoddard, regional vice president for the American Heart Association in Texas.

At AHA, the organization is driven by a powerful mission: “Be a relentless force for a world of longer, healthier lives.” As the oldest and largest voluntary association dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, the AHA has been instrumental in funding discoveries in heart disease research. Stoddard explains, anyone who has benefited from a heart valve, cholesterol-lowering drugs, CPR, or open-heart surgery, has been directly affected by AHA’s research.

Without question, AHA’s research has saved lives, which makes its fundraising efforts all the more important. Stoddard expounds upon AHA programs that have helped educate and raise money to perpetuate their mission such as “Get with the Guidelines,” “Go Red for Women,” “Healthy for Life,” and the upcoming “Heart Walk.” This annual community event will take place in Waco, TX on October 3. The walk may look different this year, Stoddard explains, but she encourages everyone to “sign up, lace up,” and get out and walk for their health, be it virtually or safely within the community.

Visit heart.org for more resources on how to fight heart disease and stroke.

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