UVC Air Purifiers and their Effectiveness Against Viruses with Tim Begoske

January 1, 2023
rizwan ullah

In the quest for improved air quality and safety, Field Controls presents its cutting-edge UVC air purification technology. In an interview with Tim Begoske, the Midwest regional manager at Field Controls, we explore the potential effectiveness of whole house UVC air purifiers against viruses and their relevance in today’s world.

As the pandemic continues to impact our daily lives, facility and building managers nationwide are seeking solutions to maintain high air quality standards. Recognizing the pressing concerns surrounding airborne germs, bacteria, and mold, Field Controls offers ultraviolet (UVC) air purification systems as a powerful tool in neutralizing viruses.

Begoske highlights the long-standing use of UVC technology in hospitals for disinfection purposes, particularly for medical equipment. By implementing germicidal lamps above air conditioning coils and within HVAC duct systems, UVC energy is utilized to deactivate microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing. The technology disrupts the cell walls of bacteria and the barriers of protein in viruses, significantly reducing their presence.

The advantages of UVC technology extend beyond the home setting. Commercial applications, such as office spaces, schools, and other facilities, can benefit from the implementation of germicidal lamps. By continuously exposing microorganisms to UVC energy as air passes through the system, the spread of viruses and bacteria can be curbed.

Field Controls’ UVC products stand out for their commitment to safety. Unlike some competitors, their germicidal lamps generate no ozone, ensuring the wellbeing of occupants. Ozone, when released into occupied spaces, can harm sensitive lungs. Additionally, Field Controls does not employ hydrogen peroxide or peroxyls, which are oxidizers that can negatively impact organic matter. Field Controls prioritizes the creation of a healthier indoor environment without compromising safety.

Installation of UVC technology involves considerations such as updating the filter system and placing germicidal lamps above the evaporator to sterilize it and prevent biofilm growth. Field Controls offers various germicidal lamps, including dual and trio technology that reduces airborne chemicals in addition to microorganisms.

Begoske emphasizes the importance of UVC technology beyond pandemics. Regular exposure to bacteria and viruses necessitates added protection for both residential and commercial spaces. Field Controls’ UVC products can be tailored to suit various HVAC systems, providing enhanced safety and comfort year-round.

For those interested in learning more about Field Controls’ UVC products and germicidal lamps, visit fieldcontrols.com. The website offers comprehensive information and videos to educate users on the technology. Additionally, individuals can contact the factory directly for personalized assistance with product selection and installation guidance.

Field Controls remains dedicated to creating healthier indoor environments through their innovative UVC air purification systems. With their commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, Field Controls is leading the way in enhancing indoor air quality and safeguarding occupants from harmful microorganisms.

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