How Restaurants Embrace Technology: A Global Perspective

As new technologies are introduced around the globe, operators everywhere are utilizing them in different ways to best fit the needs and demands in their markets. These advancements have benefited operators in many ways including increased revenues, and the ability to provide more offerings and quicker service to their customers. Here are just a few ways in which restaurants from the United States and the United Kingdom have embraced technology, as well as insights around the industry in Mexico and how it differs across countries.

State of the Industry

In the United States, the restaurant industry faces a lot of challenges in keeping up with the rapid pace of changing consumer behavior. There are heightened consumer expectations around speed of service, speed of payment and ambiance that are making technology a necessity for restaurants. Restaurants that have embraced technology are forcing change on how the industry operates, by making it more imperative for other establishments to keep up and follow suit. The issue, however, is that not every restaurant has the means to do this, so consumer expectation is difficult to manage.

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