Bringing Lessons from the Blue Angels into the Corporate World

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Bringing together leaders, lawmakers and lawbreakers. Host Luke Fox explores how innovations in business and technology are redefining our trust in security measures.


Trust isn’t tangible. Like any feeling, it’s something that happens in relationships and interactions. Without trust, teams fail. So, how can organizations build high-trust teams? Captain George Dom USN (Ret) joined The Trust Revolution host Luke Fox to discuss the topic. Captain Dom shared his experiences as leader of the Blue Angels and his work in the private sector. He is the founder of the Hight-Trust Leadership Network and currently serves as the COO for ACI Jet.

“Flying off aircraft carriers is a graduate education in trust, leadership, and teamwork. The essence of being able to do such things was the sense of building and sustaining high levels of trust” Captain George Dom

In building this trust, Captain Dom noted it’s the ability to be vulnerable, and to earn trust, a person must be trustworthy. “It’s not binary; it’s a continuum, and you’re at different places with different people. The first step of trust is honesty with self.”

Captain Dom discussed that without high levels of trust, teams can’t be high-performing. It also impedes communication, so important decisions are never fully discussed. He believes leaders have to cultivate a high trust culture. “A high trust culture is one where someone can be their real self and show up with the best ideas and be authentic and transparent. That, in turn, drives creativity, adaptability, and resilience.”

Captain Dom noted that the trust basics learned as a member of elite teams translate to the corporate world. He described five areas that leaders have to focus on to have high trust teams: character, commitment, competence, connection, and communication.

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