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As the pandemic continues to have a global impact on business, some are thriving while others are struggling. To think about the “business” side of the pandemic, Brian Householder, President of Digital Infrastructure at Hitachi Vantara, shared what he has learned within his own organization and from other leaders. 

“I’ve been talking about the challenges and fielding questions from others. What’s different about this situation is that it’s a shared experience. It’s global,” Householder commented. 

The biggest questions about business during and after the pandemic is how this will change how people work, behave, consume, and do business. It’s a huge paradigm shift for many, supported by agility.

Householder said, “The creativity of the team is amazing. I was recently reminded that constraints and limitations foster creativity and innovation. And that has shown. We’re planning a huge product launch. Our team filmed things remotely, and it was something we had to reimagine in just a few weeks.”

The reality is that most organizations aren’t agile—at least not across the enterprise. The pandemic has forced the need for this. “To really be agile, it depends on the culture. You also have to empower people to achieve agility,” Householder added. 

This situation has many leaders rethinking how they allocate funds. Businesses may look at the costs for facilities, buildings, and travel and realize that some are unnecessary. It may be better spent on R&D or people. 

What can organizations expect in the year to come? It’s too soon to know how this will play out. Householder remains optimistic, stating, “In looking to January 2021, I hope there is some normalcy, but I’ll continue to advocate for remote work and an agile culture.”

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