Cutting-Edge Robotic Manipulation: The Future of 3D Bin-Picking and Industrial Automation?

The robotics industry is growing – and fast. Predicted to hit $34 billion in the US this year, the robotics market is changing the way companies interact, factories assemble, and people work. The work behind these robots is no easy feat, it takes years, sometimes even decades to build the machines we rely on. So, why is robotic manipulation important and how can it provide a cutting-edge solution within the industry?

In the latest episode of CalTV, a Calvary Robotics podcast, host Mike Marseglia invites guest Jared Glover, CEO of CapSen Robotics to discuss CapSen’s history and its cutting-edge solution to bin-picking within the industry.

Marseglia and Glover go over:

1) How CapSen was founded and the market research that went into growing their 3D vision and robotic manipulation capabilities

2) What 3D bin-picking is, and why it is so important within the industry

3) The challenges to the industry and what makes this technology cutting-edge

“What’s really challenging in a lot of cases is, you know, how do you get the robot to do everything that a person would be doing…how do you get the robot to do more complicated things with the objects after they get picked out of the bin?,” said Glover. This is where cutting-edge robotic manipulation comes into play.

Glover is the CEO and Co-founder of CapSen Robotics, an advanced 3D vision and motion planning software for industrial robot automation in Pittsburgh, PA. Glover is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned his B.S. in Computer Science, before heading to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to complete his PhD in Computer Science.

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