Data Analytics In Design

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When a company builds a structure, it is typically built without any input within the community of people it’s being built in. An article by Adele Houghton for states that open, contextual data can improve a design and location of a building. Green project teams are relying on gathering necessary information from people to have their input on the design process. Why ask a consultant or someone who doesn’t live in said area what they think? Go to the source. Location, health, equity, and climate are part of the criteria that designers look for so why not hold town meetings, set up polls, and do communal research to get to the heart of what you and what they need. In today’s technological age, the unlimited connectivity of people can change the game to perfect the design process and making it more interactive…even just sending an email to all the residents to get feedback. This just makes sense. Out with old way and in with the new.


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