Does 5G Really Need Fiber to Thrive?


Key Points:

  • Fiber is more reliable and can carry the signal over longer distances compared to other technologies.
  • Fiber enables symmetrical download speeds and upload speeds and has unlimited information carrying capacity.
  • If the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is passed by Congress, the broadband industry will receive a $65 billion investment.


There has never been more of a focus to provide high speed internet access to communities across the United States especially the rural ones. With the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act being considered by Congress, $65 billion is expected to be invested in broadband if passed. The money might be on the way but the next question is where is said money meant to be invested in to maximize the broadband experience for all users. MarketScale asked Michael Wood who is the National Market Manager Clearfield believes fiber is the correct investment.

Abridged Thoughts:

As we begin to tap into the capabilities of this latest generation of broadband cellular networks, 5G networks of fiber optic cable are especially important compared to other technologies. Fiber is more reliable, more rugged, and in a much smaller package. Fiber can carry the signal over longer distances with less degradation and enables symmetrical download speeds and upload speeds.

But the big one, of course, is the practically unlimited information carrying capacity. In order to exploit the capabilities of 5G and beyond, these cellular signals need to get onto a fiber cable as soon as possible to backhaul and transport that signal to be processed.

I’m personally thrilled to see organizations that have the community’s needs in mind, first and foremost, with the opportunity to build and own and operate these fiber networks. Small town, municipalities and telco and electric cooperatives are led by members of the community they serve and uniquely suited to meet the needs of that local community.

In these times of material and labor shortages, especially skilled labor shortages, Clearfield can help speed a successful fiber deployment with flexible, scalable, modular plug and play fiber products, combined with our industry leading application support team

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