This week on our Industrial IoT Podcast, we chat with Mike Derby, the founder of AvaLAN Wireless. We get Mike’s hot take on the of Internet of Things in industries and cross-industries, and AvaLAN’s role in this interconnectivity. We delve into new technology requirements in security and how data is coming across wireless connectivity and answering the burning questions of how data is secured on the networking side.

AvaLAN’s role in fuel-center products and security is evolving the process in how consumers’ information is kept private and secured through chip card readers at the pump and eradicating challenges the fuel industry are faced with. Ethernet helps to check credentials, keeps information secured to the network, and organizes that information to get it where it needs to be.

What are we moving towards in the next 3-5 years? Where is the future of interconnectivity going, and what are companies like AvaLAN doing to protect the integrity of personal information as it’s transferred through an ethernet cable?

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