Listen: Robotic Arms Are Dominating The Future Of Automation


Looking in the perspective of the manufacturing industry, when considering buying parts, usually the one that is produced for cheaper and on a quicker timeline will always win. With that being said, automation or IoT in the space have really highlighted the problem with ROI in various companies as these complex equipment processes might cause an unintended hindrance.

So, there are definitely things that engineers should consider before they decide to move forward in purchasing equipment or going in the direction of robotic arms. For instance, a lower barrier of entry will affect the initial cost associated with the equipment therefore possibly reducing access to that form of technology. Another thing that should greatly impact a decision like this is the subscription model which would allow a smaller initial cost and possibly would raise the level of adoption of this technology, however, it could also do the opposite considering that many companies prefer to own their own equipment.

One more thing to consider is the number of accessories and partnerships involved with this change as it’s important to know that even the simple improvement of one tools taking off seconds of a process can result in huge productivity benefits. Whatever direction you may go in, it’s evident that this industry, whether it’s referring to automation or robotic arms, they will always sway towards the company that can best product quality products at a fast pace.

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