Get Beyond the Buzzwords of Network Convergence and Virtualization

May 25, 2021


Buzzwords can often point to essential trends or areas of innovation in an industry. They usually hit on both ample opportunities and existing challenges, and, most of the time, represent something important for telcos.

On this episode of Wavelengths, an Amphenol Broadband Solutions podcast, Voice of B2B Host Daniel Litwin hit on two significant buzzwords: network convergence and network virtualization. Along for the ride was PJ Jayawardene, Senior Director of Wireless R&D for Charter Communications. The duo dug into the state of the union of each of these words and what they mean for the industry, as well as how telcos can be actionable around them.

Network convergence is a familiar trend for telcos. The term continues to expand and create strategic challenges. Convergence in the telecommunications industry is about providing a continuous network thread, according to Jayawardene. He elaborated that people are going to care about the different service providers in their homes. The goal is that all these things will be seamless to the consumer.

“It’s not just the one word. It’s not just convergence,” Jayawardene said. “You have to think about network and convergence together because, when you think about convergence, people think of multiple things coming together.”

Network virtualization is another big buzzword, as small and big businesses find the term popular. Growth is expected in virtualization for telcos. Some 2020 research from Spiceworks found that double-digit growth is expected within the next two years in the use of application, network, desktop, storage and data virtualization.

“The example is to start thinking of it as being able to build your own car,” he said. “With the parts you need to put together, you have this preference of a car that needs to go at a certain speed that can change its dynamic … and you put it all together.”

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